13 Interesting Facts About Lviv

Here are 13 interesting facts about Lviv!

1.Lviv is the seventh largest city in Ukraine

2. Lviv was a part of eight governments (the Galician-Volyn principality, the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the Russian Empire, the ZUUR, the USSR, the totalitarian fascist regime, and as part of modern Ukraine)

3. Every fifth person in Lviv is a student

4. Lviv has over 2500 architectural and historical  monuments, and is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

5. Every year over hundred festivals (music, food and culture) are held in Lviv.

6. The highest building in Lviv is the church of Olga and Elizabeth. You can go up the tallest tower (88 meters) and enjoy a beautiful view of the city.

7. Lviv is the city where the kerosene lamp was invented.

8. Famous writer and journalist Leopold von Sacher-Masoch was born and lived in Lviv. He researched traditions of  Galicians and described some of them in his stories.

9. Lviv is used by Hollywood for many films’ special effects. These include Hulk, Spiderman, Harry Potter and many others. The IT cluster grows very fast in Lviv and lots of companies outsource their business to the city.

10. Not everyone knows that Lviv was built on the water. In the heart of the city flows the river Poltva. The river was artificially hidden underground in a specially equipped sarcophagus 150 km away. You can see the river Poltva in the basement of the opera house.

11. Lviv is the city which receives the most rain in the entire country of Ukraine. People in Lviv joke that the rains started in 1256 (the year Lviv was founded) and have not stopped.

12. Every year the number of tourists grows on average 15 – 20%

13. Some of the most popular restaurants in Lviv are “secret: and well hidden, so before going to get dinner you should find out the exact location and how to get there.

13 Interesting Facts About Lviv

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