Hotel Review: Bee View Kandy

When Cody and I were looking for places to stay in Sri Lanka we found it quite difficult as much of the good stuff seemed so far away from the center. Luckily we decided that we’d rather be in a nicer place further away, then in a shoddy place in the city center. Let me tell you, this was the right decision. Our stay at Bee View Kandy was absolutely delightful, and I’m sure you can see why by the pictures.

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Bee View Kandy Location

The Bee View homestay is located in the Hantana region of Kandy, which is about 4km driving to the city center. Don’t let this deter you though, as a TukTuk each way is only around $1.

Bee View Kandy

Our fantastic proprietor told us to download the PickMe app which is sort of like Grab or Uber, but for TukTuk in Sri Lanka. This ensures that you can easily find a ride, and you will be getting a fair ‘locals’ price.

The Accommodation

The property has two rooms on the main floor, and I believe one below. Our room was located right off the kitchen, and it was huge. Not to mention the near floor to ceiling sliding glass doors giving a great view to the hills and jungle around the area. There was nothing better than waking up to the sunrise lighting up the hills and hearing the birds singing.

Bee View Kandy bedroom

The bathroom was modern and stylish, and of course there is a working toilet. I could have done with some more plush towels, but the ones provided still did the job. Shampoo and body was were provided.


The bed was large and comfortable, which is not always a guarantee in Sri Lanka. Sometimes the bed is thin and hard which isn’t something that makes for a good night’s sleep.

Bee View Kandy Breakfast

Breakfast was included in our reservation, and to be honest I never expect much with free breakfast since it’s so hit or miss. This case however was a definite hit. Our first breakfast was Roti and an omelette, along with sausages, fresh fruit, toast, mango juice, coffee, and tea. Not only that, but it was served restaurant style at the main dining table overlooking that aforementioned great view.

Bee View Kandy

The second breakfast was different (I know, how rare is that). We got all the same sides, but instead of roti and omelette we got egg hoppers. This Sri Lankan dish is like a coconut based crepe cooked in a small wok style pan, and topped with an egg. You eat it similar to a taco and I was shocked at how good it was. It was served alongside spicy fried onions.


Third breakfast was similar to the first, as we were leaving at 6:30 that day and had to get something simple and quick.

Our Stay

We arrived at the Bee View Kandy about two hours before scheduled check in bit fortunately they let us in. We were warmly greeted and served some Ceylon tea and biscuits, while taking in the phenomenal view.

The view from our room

The owner and hosts of the property are so helpful. They answered any questions we had, and gave us advice on how to do things. After we had our tea, we retreated to the room to shower and clean up, and relax a little after our train ride from Colombo. At this point we have barely slept for about 36 hours owing to our flights (17 hour layover in Chennai…gross) so I was ready for an afternoon nap.

Bee View Kandy

The hosts asked if we wanted to have dinner at the house, but we opted to go into the city and catch the sunset at Slightly Chilled Lounge Bar. This is a good place for happy hour drinks (although we were not impressed by the food).


The next two nights we opted to eat dinner at the house…and this was the correct decision. This is not hotel dining, this is classic Sri Lankan home cooked food that was so, so delicious. In fact we were not told the price of the meal before agreeing to it so we were questioning how much it would be. Our first dinner had 10 different dishes and our second had 6! On checkout we went to pay the tab and found out both meals totalled….2,400 LKR or about $13.50 USD.

We were highly impressed with the professionalism and quality of the hosts and property, and would happily stay at Bee View Kandy again.

Key Details:

Price: $37/night

Air-Conditioned Rooms: Yes

Breakfast Included: Yes

Pool On-Site: No

Maid Service: Yes

Recommended To Stay Here: Yes

Address71/B/1-A, Housing Scheme, Hantana, 20000

Disclaimer: Jet Set Together paid full price for our stay at the Bee View Kandy and did not accept any payment for a good review. The words expressed in this article are my honest opinion.

Hotel Review: Bee View Kandy

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