Dutch Cheese in Lviv – One Of My Favorite Specialty Shops In Lviv

I’m always excited when new things open up in Lviv. In fact, when something new opens up I usually make a plan to try it as soon as possible. This shop selling Dutch cheese in Lviv for example has been around for a while now, and is one of my favorite places to get great cheeses.

Dutch Cheese in Lviv

Ukraine is not particularly world renowned for their cheese. While home / farmer’s cheese is commonplace, we do not have the storied history with regards to variety like most of Western Europe. This particular Dutch cheese shop in Lviv focuses on, you may have guessed, Gouda. There are over 20 different flavors, from the original farmers gouda to truffle, lavender, and paprika gouda. I know this article is going to sound a bit like an advertisement for this particular shop, but I promise you I’m only talking about it because it’s one of my favorite places and I hope you’ll like it to.

Dutch Cheese in Lviv

The shop itself is quite small, with wooden cheese racks lining the back wall. The shop also sells different cheese accessories like cutting boards and cheese knives, as well as stuff for fondue, fruit jams and spreads, and even wine to pair with your cheese. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable, and are more than happy to take down a wheel to give you a free sample. I think by now Cody and I have tried every cheese they have to offer and we always walk out with a few hundred grams of assorted cheeses.

Dutch Cheese in Lviv

They even have cheese that isn’t Dutch, but also hard to find other places. While getting blue cheese in Lviv is not difficult at all, “Syrne Korolivstvo” has a proper British Stilton which I haven’t found before at places like Silpo or Metro. One time we even got a brick of Norwegian brunost (brown cheese) which has a burnt caramel taste that is just so good spread over a piece of toast. In fact this shop selling primarily Dutch cheese in Lviv has quite a good selection from other countries as well.

Recommended Cheeses

Paprika Gouda

Honey Flower Goat’s Cheese

Blue Pesto

Petit Doruvael (Truffle)


Does This Cheese Shop In Lviv Sell Gift Sets?

Yes. In fact I’ve been to a few housewarming parties in Lviv and my go to gift is always a wine and cheese gift box from “Syrne Korolivstvo”. They range in price, but they are all beautifully put together. The pricier ones come with a board and knife, which makes it a great gift set for new homeowners.

Jet Set Together was not paid nor received free gifts for the publication of this article. My feelings for this shop are my genuine own and are not influenced by any external factors.

Dutch Cheese in Lviv – One Of My Favorite Specialty Shops In Lviv

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