Pottery Class In Lviv

Last summer I finally decided to do one of those things that you always want to try but never have time, money, or company to do this with. For me it was pottery. I always dreamed to try it and never put enough effort to find a class or a teacher for this. And last summer I got tired of my own excuses and found a pottery class in Lviv, Ukraine where I live.

Pottery class in Lviv

I found a pottery course for 5 classes with each class being 2 hours, and decided to properly learn how it’s done. There I met my great teacher Sophia. She is a small little thing and at first I thought that she is just 15. However, the first impression can be deceptive. It turned out that my teacher had graduated the Academy of Arts (Department of Art Ceramics) in Ukraine and that she is highly professional and talented.

Pottery class in Lviv

At the beginning of each pottery class Sophia asked me what I wanted to make. Since Cody has a cooking blog and he always needs new tableware, I decided to do different types of dishes. I must say that I was super exited about these classes even if I would not be able to make anything. The first two classes were mostly an introduction on how to work with clay. Therefore, the two dishes that I made during those classes were with a huge amount of help from my teacher. But after that, I had a breakthrough, if you can call it that of course. What I mean is that I started to feel the clay under my fingers and palm. I already knew how to move and hold my fingers, and the fear of doing something wrong had disappeared.

Finished ceramics

It is the best to feel your own progress, you are just getting so excited that you want to do more and more. After my five classes I ended up making 3 large bowls, one cup, one small bowl for sauces, and one plate. I cannot tell you how proud I was. I even took Cody and his dad to have a pottery class and they loved it. Cody made a big bowl for which he used a rough stone to decorate the borders. Cody’s dad made a cup that looks like a brick wall and he actually brought it back to the USA.

What Pottery Class In Lviv To Choose:

To get the final result after your masterclass, your pottery needs to be dried, baked, th en glazed, and then baked again with extremely high temperatures.

Pottery class in Lviv

For those who are planning on staying in Ukraine less than two weeks the best thing is to have a pottery class or two and learn how to make different things, but unfortunately it is not enough time to make your pottery into ceramics. The whole process is quite delicate and long. Therefore, if you are travelling in Ukraine longer than 2 weeks, you can pay extra to get your project glazed and turned into ceramics.

Masterclass for one person – 400 UAH ($16)

This masterclass includes 2 hours of a pottery class where you learn how to make one or two standard size projects. After your masterclass, the teacher will finish your creation and give you back the result – ceramics. You can discuss the color and other decorations directly with Sophia.

My favorite boll

Masterclass for couples – 750 UAH ($30)

This masterclass includes 3 hours of a pottery class where you will learn how to make one or two standard size creations. After your masterclass, the teacher will finish your projects and give you back the final result – ceramics. You can discuss the color and other decorations directly with Sophia.

Cody's boll

Pottery course

For one person per hour– 120 UAH ($4.8)

For couple per hour – 200 UAH ($8)

Here you can have as many classes you want. This option is good for people who are short on time and do not have two weeks to wait until their pottery will be ready.  In this case they can have a few hours just to learn how to work with clay and make different things. However, for those who want to control all the processes themselves they can do that as well. It just will take more hours therefore more money.

This is a great way for anyone, from absolute beginner who needs guidance to professional who just wants to get some studio time. It can be a great way for a potter who came to Lviv on vacation to learn about traditional Ukrainian pottery methods.

Pottery class in Lviv

Key Information:

My teacher - Sophia
My teacher – Sophia

Teacher’s name: Sophia

Phone number: +380989188086

Instagram account: @guk.sunny

Studio location: 31, Zavodska str., Lviv

Note: To have a pottery class please contact Sophia and discuss the suitable time in advance.

Disclaimer: Jet Set Together paid full price for our Pottery Classes and did not accept any payment for a good review. The words expressed in this article are my honest opinion.

Pottery Class In Lviv

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