Review: Lot Business Lounge Mazurek In Warsaw, Poland

Living in Lviv, I fly Lot Polish Airlines probably more than any other airline. It’s usually the easiest way to fly into the rest of Europe for us, as well as well priced. Because of this, I’ve spent quite a bit of time at both their inter and intra Schengen lounges. This review will be of the Lot Business Lounge Mazurek which is for those flying outside of the Schengen region.

Lot Business Lounge Mazurek

During our long trip back from Sri Lanka we passed through a number of lounges, from Colombo’s Lotus lounge, to the SilverKris and Air India lounges in New Delhi. I’m always pleased with my stay in the LOT lounges in Warsaw. While the Mazurek lounge is not as spacious as the Polonez lounge, it does have plenty of positives.

LOT Business Lounge Mazurek Warsaw Food

Lot Business Lounge Mazurek

The food is always satisfactory at the LOT lounges. Not to mention a healthy variety of alcoholic beverages. Cody was able to make himself a vodka soda using his favorite vodka (which funnily enough was first manufactured where we currently live).

We ate plenty of food during our six hour layover, and I especially love the fact that there’s a seemingly never ending plate of smoked salmon. Cody had a braised leg of game hen along with some potatoes.

The Space

Other than the food, the lounge space is quite long and narrow. It is on the ground floor with a view directly onto the tarmac. You can see plenty of planes taking off and landing, and we were happy with our window seats.

If you want something cozier they have a section with a large open fireplace. I’ve never seen this in an airport lounge before and thought it was a nice touch.

Lot Business Lounge Mazurek

We found the seats to be quite comfortable all over the lounge, but would have liked to see a dark area with recliners for people looking to get some rest.

One negative was the limited bathroom space. There is only one stall for men and one for women, however there is a toilet in the shower room you can use if it has not been reserved. With this being business class and Star Gold, it actually got quite crowded and we both had to wait for the bathroom at different points.

We both found the wifi to be fast for browsing and youtube, but as we weren’t doing any work (again…39 hours of traveling) I can’t say for uploading speed.

LOT Business Lounge Mazurek Warsaw Final Thoughts

Overall I’m always happy with a stay in the LOT lounges in Warsaw. I do think they can add more amenities, but I’d say that about most places. Plus, little is better than NOT buying food in European airports.

Lot Business Lounge Mazurek

If you’re flying through Warsaw and have class or status, give the lounge a try. I doubt you’d regret it.

Lot Business Lounge Mazurek Rating

Cleanliness: 8/10

Wifi: 10/10

Food: 9/10

Ambience: 7/10

Service: 8/10

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