6 Things Do In Mostar

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  1. Visit the Old bridge
  2. Climb up the minaret of the Koski Mehmed Pasha Mosque
  3. Have a Bosnian coffee
  4. Have  lunch at the Tima-Irma restaurant
  5. Walk through the Old Bazaar
  6. Crooked bridge

1. Visit the Old Bridge

One of the main attractions of Mostar is the Old Bridge. Built during the Ottoman Empire it has the shape of a crescent moon. The bridge adorned the city until the Croatian-Bosnian War in 1992-1994. During which the bridge was completely destroyed. It has existed for 427 years and was the pride of the Mostar residents. The bridge was rebuilt in 2004 as a complete replica of the destroyed bridge.

6 Things Do In Mostar: the Old bridge
Drone photo

Now, as before, the bridge is the pride of not only Mostar but the whole country. Every day many tourists come to this small city to see the bridge.

the Old bridge

On warm days, the so-called ‘show’ takes place on the bridge. Courageous men jump from the bridge. The whole process takes a long time because they try to raise the most money before jumping. At first the man climbs on the border and is about to jump, then climbs down as if he changed his mind and climbs again up when tourists throw more money. In the end, he will still do the trick. I recommend going down to the river from where they jump to get the most spectacular view.

6 Things Do In Mostar

Usually there is a crowd of tourists on the bridge, so it is very difficult to take a good photo. But if you are staying in Mostar for the night, you will be able to take all the photos you want in the morning. Cody and I left at 7:30 AM to take a photo and saw only a few photographers who decided to do the same.

Be careful when walking on the bridge. All roads in the old town are made of very slippery cobblestones, and the Old Bridge is probably one of the most slippery, so it is better to wear appropriate shoes so as not to fall down. The question is, why are these roads so difficult to walk? Some say that when men made roads, they deliberately made a road that is difficult to walk so that women looked at their feet and not at other men. I do not know if this is a true story, but I definitely looked constantly on the road and held on to Cody’s shoulder not to fall.

Mostar at night

By the way, I highly recommend strolling through Mostar in the evening and going down to the river. From there you will have an incredible view of the lit up Old Bridge.

Location: Stari Most, Mostar 88000, Bosnia & Herzegovina

2. Climb Up The Minaret Of The Koski Mehmed Pasha Mosque

Not far from the Old Bridge is the Koski Mehmed Pasha Mosque. Recently, the mosque was opened to visitors and with a big bonus, it is possible to climb to the top of the minaret. Tickets cost 6 Euros or 12 KN.

It is located at the very edge of the cliff near the Neretva River. And if you go to the top of the minaret, you will have a magnificent view of the whole city, and especially the old bridge.

6 Things Do In Mostar: cthe view from the minaret of the mosque

For those who suffer from claustrophobia, be prepared for a very narrow tunnel with an infinite number of steps. The top platform is also very narrow, so only a few visitors can fit.

narrow tunnel of the minaret

When we were in Mostar the weather was very windy, so on the top of the minaret it was very difficult for me to hold my phone, so be careful in the weathe.

The mosque inside

It took less than half an hour to look around the mosque and climb the minaret.

Location: Mala Tepa 16, Mostar 80807, Bosnia & Herzegovina

3. Have a Bosnian coffee

I mentioned that we went to take some photos of the Old Bridge before the crowd of tourists arrived. But apart from seeing the Old Bridge, we got the famous Bosnian coffee. The coffee is brewed in a copper coffee maker and served on a copper plate with small cute cups and rachat locum. The coffee is delicious and very energetic. Usually such coffee is drunk for a long time, tasting each sip.

6 Things Do In Mostar: Bosnian coffee

A good combination with Bosnian coffee is Turkish delights. In any cafe you will find a wide selection of freshly made Turkish sweets.

Bosnian coffee

For coffee lovers, I recommend to experience the taste of Bosnian coffee, and perhaps purchase a copper set for making coffee for yourself as well. At least, that’s what we did. You can read Cody’s article How To Make Bosnian Coffee to learn more.

4. Have a lunch at the Tima-Irma restaurant

6 Things Do In Mostar: Tima-Irma restaurant

One of the restaurants you need to visit is Tima-Irma. Here are three reasons why you should visit this restaurant:

  • 1.This restaurant serves traditional dishes that are delicious. Be sure to try – cevapi (sausages). They are extremely delicious.
  • 2. Each serving is incredibly large, so do not pick up a lot of dishes, it is better to order later, if it won’t be enough, which I highly doubt.
  • 3. We only paid $ 15 for lunch for two, including beers.

This restaurant is widely known and has high ratings on trip adviser. Usually, there is a small queue, but since the food is served quickly, you do not have to wait long. And maybe you will be lucky as well as we were and they will have a free table for you at once.

Cevapi sausages

There are plenty of other good restaurants in Mostar so if you don’t want to wait for this one, you have lots of choices. However during the few days that we were there, this place was our favorite.

Location: Onešćukova 7, Mostar 88000, Bosnia & Herzegovina

5. Walk Through The Old Bazaar

6 Things Do In Mostar: Old Bazaar

For lovers of buying souvenirs you should visit the Old Bazaar. Here you will find everything you can want. Copper coffee sets, beautiful scarves and hats, various decorations, as well as many beautiful paintings depicting local landscapes. This market is not big and will not take much time. The Old Bazaar is also located in the Old Town not far from the Old Bridge.

Old Bazaar in Mostar

Location: Mala Tepa, Mostar 88000, Bosnia & Herzegovina

6. Crooked Bridge

6 Things Do In Mostar: crooked bridge

Not far from Old Bridge is another moon shaped bridge. It is a kind of replica of the main bridge, but slightly smaller in size. There are usually not many tourists on this bridge, but the view is also very beautiful.

Crooked bridge in Mostar

Be careful, because for some unclear reason, the road there is more slippery and dangerous than the Old Bridge, so do not wear shoes with a firm and slippery sole.

Location: Mostarskog bataljona, Mostar 88000, Bosnia & Herzegovina

How To Get To Mostar

6 Things Do In Mostar

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