Where To Find The Best Kebab In Lviv

While there are tons of great restaurants in Lviv (trust me, I’ve written about most of them) one thing I haven’t yet started to talk about are the super cheap eats. Lviv is not an expensive city by any means, but if you’re looking for something that will fill you up, be delicious, and be just a few dollars, then you’re going to want a kebab. Over the past month I’ve made it my mission to eat at every kebab shop in the city and this is my list of where to find the best kebab in Lviv. Note that I only went to places that are a maximum of 15 minutes walk from Rynok square, so these are all accessible for tourists and locals alike.

Kebabs in Lviv are a street food as much as a restaurant offering. Some of the places on this list are located inside a building, and others are just a kiosk on a street corner. I’ve learned that when looking for the best kebab in Lviv, premises do not matter. Quality is quality and that’s what I’m going for.

#5 Royal Kebab

Where To Find The Best Kebab In Lviv: Royal Kebab

Royal Kebab is located by the opening to Kryva Lypa street and is on the way from Ivan Franko university towards the city center. It is just a simple street kiosk and they only have chicken kebabs. Their small version starts at 69 UAH (about $2.75) and the meat taste is fantastic. One thing to note is that they do charge extra for garlic sauce, 5 UAH ($0.20) and cheese, 10 UAH ($0.40) which is something that I found odd. However the flavors are fantastic, so Royal Kebab makes the list at number 5 for Best Kebab In Lviv.

Royal Kebab

Price: Small-69 UAH, Big-79 UAH, Double Meat-99 UAH

Location: Halytskyi District, Lviv, Lviv Oblast, 79000

#4 Kebab Chef

This is probably the most popular kebab place in Lviv just by sheer number of shops. Within the 20 minutes’ walk from the center you can probably encounter 10 different kebab chef locations. This means it is extremely convenient no matter where you are in the city. In fact, they are almost always located right next to a university.

Where To Find The Best Kebab In Lviv: Kebab Chef

The meat here is pork which may not be traditional for kebabs, but it is quite delicious in my opinion. They give you a ton of meat even for a regular size, and their garlic sauce is great. One thing that I don’t like however is their ‘spicy’ is just not that hot. I know us Ukrainians can’t really handle our spice that well, but I really wish they would kick it up a bit.

Because Kebab Chef is a large chain, their sizes go by grams. That way you always know how much food you are going to get to satisfy your appetite.

Price: 400 grams-70 UAH, 500 grams-90 UAH, 800 grams-135 UAH

Location: Sichovykh Striltsiv St, 17, Lviv, Lviv Oblast, 79000

#3 Kebabtsya


The name is a play on words from Kebab and Babtsya (grandma) so it kind of translates to Kebab Granny. This is a little kiosk about 10 minutes’ walk from the center and their specialty is veal kebabs. One thing I really like about this place is how thick and juicy the meat is. They don’t shave it super thin which is nice because you get a good texture with the meat. If you don’t like veal they also do chicken, but it is the same price.

Where To Find The Best Kebab In Lviv: Kebabtsya

While this is a kiosk, there are a few bar stools inside that you can sit at. I really enjoy this place because I feel like it is a really good value for how much meat you get. You can also get a ‘Kebab Box’ which is great if you don’t want a wrap and just want to eat everything with a fork.


Price: Small-69 UAH, Large-85 UAH, Box-65

Location: Petra Doroshenka Street, 41-43, Lviv, Lviv Oblast, 79000

#2 On Barbeque Kebab House

Where To Find The Best Kebab In Lviv: Kebab House

This place is one of the newer kebab places in Lviv and I am super impressed with it. They do chicken, veal, and mix, as well as a vegetarian option for those who want a wrap of grilled vegetables and sauce. I think the chicken is just okay, but the veal is the best in the city. It is thick, juicy, and a great value. This place only has one size for all, which is around the small size at every other place. If I was going to go by grams I would say they are about 400 grams each.

Kebab House Menu

On Barbeque Kebab House is actually a proper restaurant with tons of seating. There are booths, high bar stools, and regular tables. It is right next to Ivan Franko University (along with most places on this list funnily enough) so it is always crowded with students getting some good cheap food.

Barbecue Kebab House

Price: Chicken-70 UAH, Veal-82 UAH, Mix-75 UAH

Location: Kniazia Romana St, 2, Lviv, Lviv Oblast, 79000

#1 The Best Kebab In Lviv – “I Love Kebab” (put Ukrainian)

This is another chain similar to Kebab Chef, but there are only a few locations around Lviv. The reason I am putting this at number one on the list of where to find the best kebab in Lviv is because they know how to do a proper spicy. If you don’t like spicy then you can pretty much choose any other place on this list. However, if you want spice, then I Love Kebab is pretty much your best choice.

I love kebab

They do both chicken and pork and you can of course get them mixed half and half. The garlic sauce is fantastic, so I always get garlic and spicy for the best flavor. When you do ask for spicy you should specify that you want it VERY spicy because otherwise they may be too cautious with how much they put on.

Inside I love Kebab

Price: Large-65 UAH, Extra Large-85 UAH, Extra Extra Large 110 UAH

Location: Svobody Ave, 19, Lviv, Lviv Oblast, 79000

Where To Find The Best Kebab In Lviv

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